Information answers questions. How’s your information?

Does your estimate properly drive your process?

You acquire project documents and perform measurement takeoffs to get Item Quantities for preparing your bid – but there’s so much more!

You should also have Marked-Up drawings so you can verify and trust your bid and be able to answer questions later. With QuickEye you get this and much more:

Transmit the entire marked up set to any smart phone
or mobile computer (tablet, iPad, kindle or laptop)

– work in the field QuickEye Review Sample
– use the actual estimate to manage production and judge work performance
– communicate with suppliers
– compare estimate with actual conditions
– you can actually click on any room/measurement and get the quantities for just that room, from your phone

Have the entire set on hand during pre-bid walkthroughs
– literally right in your hand!

Efficiently manage all your current and recent project documents
– all your personnel can view your field projects, no extra charge

The right technology for your company to succeed!

Good technology is not complicated or slow. It is fast and efficient.

It is easy to learn and quick to use.

By embracing the right technology and maintaining the right relationships and policies, you will make your company agile and recession-proof.