Industries vary with the rate of use and application of information technologies to improve productivity. Project management software was introduced to the market over 35 years ago. Companies today utilize project management software systems for planning in the construction industry while others do not or do not perform planned vs actual analysis with any accuracy. Similarly electronic storage of documents in the cloud instead of external local servers has become more accepted by the market during the last decade even though not a new method of e-file organization. The term “App”, a term widely used today, is one part of the “Application Layer” of the Open Systems Interconnect protocol defined many decades ago in the telecommunications industry.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with top down and ground up experience each with a proven tract record in advanced technologies, business solutions and extra ordinary forward thinking experience. We understand technologies, the cloud, remote field issues, human factors and in our integrated approach foster the acceleration of knowledge for everybody at an affordable price. Our end to end system solutions and platform is comprised of highly intuitive and intelligent abilities resulting in a platform system with the highest performance per price ratio and highest feature per price ratio in the industry and in the World.

The market can be confusion with a plethora of non-intelligent storage platforms and/or various take off estimating tools. We invite you instead to learn about Quickeye and World Plan Room as we continue to lead and pioneer innovation in intelligent quantitative systems for various industries; Save costs, improve productivity, increase project efficiency, environmental responsibility and an array of other benefits as we forge positive changes in the industries.


Advanced technologies are neither complicated nor slow adapt. On the contrary, it is fast, efficient, user friendly and has a short learning curve. Implementing the right technology that facilitate effective organization policies leads to increase productivity and overall throughput of every facet of your organization.

Imagine the positive impact your organization can derive from the features enumerated below: a) transmit an entire mark-up set to any mobile device or computer on the go; b) allowing your estimate to drive your operation process; c) acquire project document on the go; d) perform measurement take on from any location; and, e) get items quantities for preparing your bid anywhere, anytime on your mobile device or computer.

You can have all the required data at your fingertips during the pre-bidding presentation. Manage all your present and past project document with great ease. All your privileged personnel have access to view your field projects at no extra cost.


The e-delivery systems enable your organization to use data derived directly from the field to manage production, judge work performance and compare estimates with actual field values. Live quantity estimates can be demonstrated by clicking on any room/measurement within a structure and get the required quantities for only that room right on your mobile device.

The document management features make it easy to store your drawings and specifications in a retrieval system which can be output in other required format such as high resolution JPG and PDF formats. This eliminates the need to create multiple formats for each document stored on the server. Other features include: a) Printing Design for large drawings with flexible print preview; b) Free Basic Takeoff; c) Full Metric Support; d) Direct integration of documents into the optional advanced take-off/estimate system.

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